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Are Startups A Better Model for Humanitarian Work?

Small companies focusing on Ukraine and other crises are showing that, freed from the obligation to raise money, startups can help sustain refugee populations.

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Don’t Go Into Personal Debt And Other Tips For Small Business Owners

The United States is in the midst of a boom in business formation. If you’re one of those people considering or in the midst of launching a business, here are a handful of tips for today’s New Builders to lay a solid foundation for growth.

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Dawn Of A New Economic Era

Economic competition with China, climate change innovation and the question of how to restore the middle class are the major themes emerging as the pandemic recedes. All will have an effect in the U.S. heartland, especially as more protectionist policies spur a potential renewal of some kinds of manufacturing.

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Helping Moms Re-enter The Workforce On Their Own Terms

Lori Ioannou writes about a trailblazing woman whose company trains women looking to re-enter the workforce after a career hiatus, and then uses a proprietary algorithm to match them with employers in need of part-time or fractional talent based on their skills and their personality compatibility.

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Do You Know What’s In That Gummy?

Brandy Young is the only woman and only Black woman to own a cannabis testing lab in New York State. With an analytical chemistry Phd from Purdue University, she’s also one of the best-equipped owners.

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News With A Future Spin

Why Business Leaders Must Resist The Anti-ESG Movement
If you’re a company leader, how do you navigate the newly politicized environment? The instinct is to keep your head down and do your work. Here’s an argument for why that’s the wrong call, especially on climate change. From HBR.
Indeed became the latest large platform to raise prices on small business, as The Wall Street Journal reported over the weekend. ($) The pricing power of large tech platforms over small businesses – who may not have many options or might find it difficult to change platforms — is one of the issues the Federal Trade Commission is considering as they take up the question of whether regulations have swung too far to favor big businesses.
On a whole range of measures American dominance remains striking. And relative to its richworld peers its lead is increasing. “America’s $25.5trn in GDP last year represented 25% of the world’s total-almost the same share as it had in 1990. … but highly polarised state governments are starting to endanger the country’s vast unified market, forcing companies to face new choices.” From The Economist. ($)
State of the Middle Class: The share of aggregate U.S. household income held by the middle class has fallen steadily since 1970, Pew Research reports.

Living the dream

Buzzworthy: Sober tourism is a growing trend, National Geographic reports.
Best Practices: Rewrite Your To-Do List
Two ideas for modifying your to-do list, from Inc.’s Jeff Haden. Make a done list at the end of the day or the beginning of the next, to give yourself a sense of accomplishment. Even more powerful: If there’s an item on your list that you know you don’t want to do and might be tempted to put off – meet with a problem employee, for instance – write the “why” down. “Meet with David by Wednesday, because it’s important to be clear and fair when a person’s job is at stake.”
Advertisement: Have you thought about writing an op-ed or thought leadership piece for a major publication? Here’s your chance to learn how from Elaine Pofeldt, an independent journalist specializing in entrepreneurship. Author of The Million-Dollar, One-Person Business, her work has appeared on CNBC and in Fortune, Money, Forbes, and many other publications. Times of E founder Elizabeth MacBride will join Elaine Pofeldt for an in-person coaching session for a handful of select students. Here’s the link to apply.


Money-saving hack:
The U.S. Treasury released the list of electric and hybrid vehicles that qualify for the full $7,500 tax credit:
Chrysler Pacifica
Ford F-150 Lightning
Lincoln Aviator Grand Touring
Chevrolet Bolt
Cadillac Lyriq
Chevrolet Blazer
Chevrolet Silverado
Chevrolet Equinox
Tesla Model 3
Tesla Model Y
One Thing To Buy: No doubt you have some graduation gifts to buy this spring, but maybe the simplest solution is the best: Cash is making a comeback in Europe, and maybe in the United States, too. Experts put the resurgence down to inflationary times: It’s easier to control your spending when you see how much money is physically leaving your pockets. “Cash-stuffing,” using envelopes to budget, is also making a comeback.
One Place to Go (or 10): The least visited U.S. National Parks. More info here.

Upcoming Opportunities ⭐

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1. Robotics Factory Launches
Pittsburgh-based Innovation Works is launching the Robotics Factory to create, accelerate and scale startups and manufacturers. The Robotics Factory’s program lasts seven-months and is designed for pre- and early- stage startups. Companies will locate in the Pittsburgh facility and will receive an investment of $100,000, mentorship and resources.
Location: Pittsburgh
Deadline to apply: May 20, 2023
2. Y Combinator Extends Deadline
The famous Silicon Valley accelerator is still accepting applications until the program for its batch begins in June. Since it takes many startups more than one application to get in (most are never accepted) you might as well give it a shot.
Location: Silicon Valley
Deadline: June 1


3. BK-XL
A new accelerator launched by Clara Wu Tsai invests as much as $500,000 in founders of color. Entrepreneurs from around the world are eligible and asked to move to Brooklyn for mentoring.
Applications opened: https://bk-xl.com/


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