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We report on and advocate for the founders and innovators making a difference in their communities. We focus on telling the stories of underrepresented founders, through the written word and through events. And we’re broadening to cover the innovative companies and people in the up-and-coming smaller cities in the middle of the United States. If you become a regular reader, you’ll get a rare window onto this under-reported part of the country. New Builders Dispatch is the rebranded Times of Entrepreneurship, a four-year-old publication I founded on February 12, 2020.  It’s also a reference to the book I published in…

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Two MIT Profs ID’d An Aging NY City As The Next Innovation Hub. Their Data Is Proving Right

Times of E’s series: Deep Dives into Secondary Cities was sponsored by Armory Square Ventures (ASV). ASV is a returns-oriented, mission-focused technology venture capital firm based primarily in the Finger Lakes region of New York State. It is an optimism engine for secondary cities and a community catalyst for regions outside Silicon Valley.  _____________________________________________________________________________ ROCHESTER, N.Y. – Little…

Got Bloat? The Easier To Digest A2 Milk

Milk has been slowly losing market share for the past decade to plant-based competitors like oat, almond and soy. But the cows are mounting a comeback: There’s a newer milk on the market, A2, that promises ease of digestion and reasonable prices. If you scan the dairy sections in supermarkets like Whole Foods, Wegmans, or…