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A Founder’s Collaboration Skills May be the Key To Success, Especially in Deep Tech

Aitor Moringo is executive vice president of Satlantis, the U.S. subsidiary of a 10-year-old Spanish company that makes satellite technology used to study the earth from the International Space Station. Its secret sauce is a “super resolution” algorithm that allows for non-blurry images in space. The technology has applications in other industries, like agriculture, where […]

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In Trying To Rein In The Gig Economy, Would A President Biden Slam The Smallest Businesses?

After Annie Cherchian’s employer of 18 years closed his law practice, the veteran legal secretary couldn’t make ends meet. With a social security check and small pension, she had only about $100 a month left after her $1,267 rent in Glendale, Calif. She thought she’d found the answer: Freelancing as a legal transcriptionist for […]

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Times of E: Weekly Alert For March 20-26. The Pandemic In The Heartland, Stimulus Bill, and Resources For Entrepreneurs

Here are the week’s key headlines. Here’s where you can subscribe to Times of E’s weekly briefs or tell us about your company: If you know of someone who would benefit from this newsletter, please forward it. Why The Pandemic May Play Out Differently In The Heartland For the past 20 years, the struggling towns […]

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How To Build A Personal Brand Without Being Annoying

Many entrepreneurs know they should build a “personal brand” yet resist doing it, because they fear it entails posting pictures of the perfect life they’re not yet leading on Instagram. Fortunately, there’s another way to do it, says Cynthia Johnson, co-founder of the branding agency Bell + Ivy in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, author of the new book Platform: […]