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VC Spotlight: Unshackled Ventures Closes $35M To Fund Immigrant Founders

Immigrants start businesses at twice the rate of native-born Americans. But many potential immigrant entrepreneurs face an awful headache: the paperwork required for work authorizations and permanent residencies. Unshackled Ventures helps ease the pain and has established a strong track record by specializing in this niche. Founded in 2015 by Manan Mehta and Nitin Pachisia, […]

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VC Spotlight: Hustle Fund Focuses On How Entrepreneurs Build Companies

Eric Bahn, Elizabeth Yin and Shiyan Koh, are co-founders and general partners at Hustle Fund. Launched in 2017, Hustle Fund looks for entrepreneurs who have innovative ideas and can hustle, which Bahn further describes as, “It’s more about how you build and how fast you learn.” Name: Hustle Fund  Location: San Carlos, California  Website: […]

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VC Spotlight: Zane Venture Fund in Atlanta Focuses on Diverse Founders in Southeast U.S.

Shila Burney worked for 20 years in the nonprofit sector, for organizations like the American Cancer Society, Points of Light, and the Black Women’s Health Imperative. She also was a reporter  at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.  Burney, an Atlanta native, knew that diverse entrepreneurs faced challenges in accessing capital. In 2019, she launched Zane Access, a […]

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VC Spotlight: VEST Her Ventures In Oklahoma Focuses on Future of Work, Care Economy

After spending several years working at a private equity firm that invests in aerospace and defense companies, Erika Lucas founded StitchCrew in 2017. The non-profit organization connects women and BIPOC entrepreneurs with capital, resources and networks needed to launch and scale companies.  StitchCrew created programming via workshops, coaching sessions and networking opportunities for traditionally overlooked […]

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Decrying The ‘Model Minority’ Myth, Asian American VCs Raise More Than $1M To Stop Hate Crime

In response to the Atlanta mass shooting that killed eight people, including six Asian women, Asian American venture capitalists have rallied around organizations that combat hate crimes and racism against Asian Americans by raising over $1 million from other VC founders. The speed and size of the fundraising movement is noteworthy. Venture capitalists have historically […]

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VC Spotlight: Supply Change Capital Focuses On Demographic Tipping Point

Supply Change CapitalChicago and Los Angeles What it is: Founded in August 2020, Supply Change Capital is a pre-seed and seed stage fund that is focused on 2045, the tipping point when minorities become the majority of U.S. consumers. The firm is investing in companies that are the “changing face of food” via technology, the use of sustainable […]

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No More ‘Diversity Theater’: New Class Of LatinX Venture Capitalists Launches Funds

The number of venture capital firms founded by Latinx investors is slowly increasing in the U.S. as the number of Latinx-founded startups explodes. Latinx founders’ numbers are increasing at a faster rate than any other ethnic group – there are already 4.4  million Latino-owned companies in the U.S. which contribute at least $700 billion to […]