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There are now 17 billion lightly protected IoT devices – but there are new solutions, including regulations and a new movement to incorporate security more deeply into software development.

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The Big Risks In Aging Email Programs

Email has gotten more secure. But most cyberattacks still come through email, putting small businesses at risk. They have little recourse except to rely on big tech companies to improve their products.

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How To Recruit A Superstar Tech Cofounder

An immigrant entrepreneur working on a new kind of board game found a creative way to appeal to a hard-tech “superstar” and creator of Xbox.

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A Great Financial Backbone for a Social Enterprise

A B Corp in central California finds an investment structure that makes investors happy but keeps the pressure off founders.

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What You May Have Missed

A Company Called Baru Reached $1 Million In Revenues By Figuring Out A New Way to Make Furniture, Locally

Nina Roberts reports on a company called Baru that has found a way to lower costs of manufacturing furniture in the United States, by using machines that were otherwise sitting idle in local workshops across the country.

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The Son Of A Single Mom, He Rose From Poverty To Lead One Of The World’s Largest Foundations

It’s now easier to climb the economic ladder in Europe than in the United States. Here’s the story of one person, Sam Reiman, who went from poverty to wealth, in Pennsylvania. He’s now director of one of the world’s 50 largest foundations.

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$350B In New Chip Manufacturing Factories, And Four More Trends For 2023

Elizabeth MacBride details five trends that may shape events in 2023 and beyond, including the 23 chip manufacturing projects announced in U.S. states in the Midwest, West and South. Other trends: the rise of female founders, new outrage over the U.S. health care system, and more.

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News With A Future Spin

Will American entrepreneurship recover in the wake of the pandemic? John Dearie of the Center for American Entrepreneurship has his doubts.
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Forecasting the impact of school closures. Those who protested pandemic school closures — who were often ignored, especially by left-wing leaders — were probably right. The Squared Away blog reports that the decline in math scores between 2019 and 2022 is expected to reduce the lifetime earnings for the average student by nearly 2 percent, or $19,400 in today’s dollars. Read the story here.

A Simple Fix To The Labor Department’s Worker Classification Rule. Are people who work for gig economy companies entrepreneurs or employees? The binary thinking is doing a lot of damage, says Gene Marks. Read more here.

Why are Saudi farmers pumping Arizona groundwater? From High Country News. Arizona’s groundwater – which is also in demand for new chip factories – seems to be going everywhere but to Arizonans. Read more here.

Really? The House’s steering committee this week recommended Representative George Santos (R-N.Y.) to serve on the House Small Business Committee. Read more here.

Living the dream

Buzzworthy: How To Encourage Innovation From Inside Government
Creating Innovation Navigators. Sabra Horne, Entrepreneur in Residence at consulting firm BMNT, offers a manual for people seeking to create innovation from within government agencies. Here’s the book.
Best Practices: Are You Offering Too Much Advice?

Women leaders and entrepreneurs need sponsors, who will spend social capital to help people advance, versus mentors. In an HBR piece, Herminia Ibarra and Rachel Simmons say sponsors talk to other sponsors about the most effective strategies. They also provide a sense of psychological safety, giving only the barest hints of advice. Here are the other ideas about how to be a good sponsor.

Support Climate Innovation
Combating climate change requires supporting would-be entrepreneurs. Wasted each month are 1000s of scalable climate innovations and ideas. CrowdSolve wants to fix that by helping bring thousands of climate innovations and businesses to market each year. Here’s the mission and the model.


One Place To Go: Bottleworks Hotel in Indianapolis is in a beautifully restored former Coca-Cola bottling works. The Art Deco building is a temple to 20th century capitalism, located in a newly developed restaurant and shopping avenue in one of the regional capitals of American business. Rooms cost $280-$550 a night. Here’s the web site.
Made In America: Guitar and camera straps made by Action Custom Straps in Wanamaker, Indiana, retail for $125 plus. The straps are worn by artists from Jimmy Buffet to Kelly Clarkson. Buy them here.

Upcoming Opportunities ⭐

To list an opportunity in our newsletter that reaches 13,000 influencers and entrepreneurs, email emacbride@timesofe.com. We charge $200 per listing.

Link: https://bit.ly/TimesofEOpportunities

1. Robotics Factory Launches

Pittsburgh-based Innovation Works is launching the Robotics Factory to create, accelerate and scale startups and manufacturers. The Robotics Factory’s program lasts seven-months and is designed for pre- and early- stage startups. Companies will locate in the Pittsburgh facility and will receive an investment of $100,000, mentorship and resources. Entrepreneurs developing robotic and related technologies are encouraged to apply when the application cycle opens Feb 1, 2023.

Location: Pittsburgh
Application opens: Feb. 1, 2023
Deadline to apply: May 20, 2023
2. Techstars New DC Accelerator

Techstars, in a partnership with JP Morgan, opened a three-month Washington DC accelerator with the aim of helping advance equitable entrepreneurship.

Date: May 8, 2023
Location: Washington, D.C.
Deadline to Apply: Feb. 1
Link: here.
3. A Course To Reach the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs
In this free course developed by entrepreneurship professor John Lynn, professors and other entrepreneurship educators get a curriculum and supporting materials based on the influential book, The New Builders.
Date: N/A
Location: N/A
Link: https://bit.ly/3dE6rZh

4. Stripe Checkout Strategies
High-growth businesses offer checkout strategies they’re using to drive revenue. We’ll also cover the findings from our new State of North American checkouts report, showcasing the most common checkout issues and how to prevent them.
Date: Jan. 24, 9-9:30 PT
Link to Register here.
5. BK-XL
A new accelerator launched by Clara Wu Tsai invests as much as $500,000 in founders of color. Entrepreneurs from around the world are eligible and asked to move to Brooklyn for mentoring.
Applications opened: https://bk-xl.com/



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