A note from our editor, Elizabeth MacBride:

Nice statements sometimes aren’t worth the paper they’re written on.

In August 2019, the Business Roundtable updated its principles of governance to say that the purpose of a corporation is to “promote an economy that serves all Americans.” CEOs from 181 publicly traded companies signed the Principles that purportedly signaled an end to Milton Friedman’s doctrine of shareholder primacy established in the 1970s, noted a recent analysis of the companies’ behavior since the signing. The analysis was done by KKS Advisors using data from TruValue Labs (a social good data company I’ve been following for a while).

KKS Advisors, supported by the Ford Foundation, found the big companies were just as ruthless as the non-signatory companies. If you want more evidence of what hasn’t change, consider another recent analysis by the center-left Brookings Institution. Brookings found profits at 13 big retail companies rose a combined $16.9 billion, or 39%, this year. Average pay for front-line workers was up only $1.11 an hour, or 10%, since the pandemic began. Big retailers aren’t offering hazard pay anymore.

What will it take to change the behavior of big companies? They have an ingrained culture of shareholder primacy that took hold easily because it was built on centuries of entitlement and law designed to keep capital in the hands of people who already had it.

Change won’t come from statements or a ham-handed attempts to redefine the fiduciary standard. Rather, I think: Labor market competition that comes from a renewal of entrepreneurship will help reset the workplace dynamic. More people will chose ownership, and more people will chose to work in the environments created by owner-operators.

Small companies are by no means definitionally better, but having more choices about the quality and characteristics of your work life are. Some people are profit-driven. My guess is that many in my daughters’ generation, shaped by the social upheaval of the past few years and the pandemic, will value health, dignity, security and time with family and friends from a younger age.

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!

— Elizabeth MacBride, founder of Times of Entrepreneurship

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Hormel Business Plan Competition
Deadline: Nov. 30
Location: McCook Community College, Southwest Nebraska
Information available here.

Residents of seven counties in Southwest Nebraska can compete for $25,000 in prizes based on their business ideas or plans to expand an existing business. The Hormel Family Foundation, focused on education, entrepreneurship, and business development in the region, is sponsoring the competition.

MaRS Impact Week
Dates: Nov. 30-Dec. 4
Location: Virtual
Information here
This Canadian conference brings together entrepreneurs, investors, corporates, scientists and more – MaRs brings together all members of the innovation community in five days of immersive online events, conversations, breakouts and more. 

AWS: Re: Invent
Dates: Nov. 30-December 18
Location: Virtual
Information here.
This cloud-learning event will feature sessions focused on how organizations are using the cloud to serve students.

Women4Woman Summits: Reset, Restart and Get Ready for 2021
Date: December 1, 6:30-8:45 pm
Location: Virtual
Information available here.
Radio personality and entrepreneur Joan Hermann and podcaster and author Allison Carmen will interview guests including serial entrepreneur May McCarthy and literary agent Karen Brailsford to help women find their voice, create courage and resilience, master business communication skills and invest in themselves.

Look Forward to Your Exit in 2021
Date: December 2, 2020, noon to 1 pm
Location: Virtual
Information available here.

Aimed at business owners who are looking to exit, this webinar focuses on maximizing the value of your business, the pros and cons of selling internally versus externally, leadership and succession strategies and avoidance of top deal-killers.

Sight Tech Global
Date: Dec. 2-3, 2020. Registration is free and opening soon. 
Information available here

This virtual conference is dedicated to fostering discussion among technology pioneers about how rapid advances in AI and related technologies will create a more accessible world for people with blindness and visual impairments. 

Techfest NW
Dates: Dec. 2-4
Location: Virtual
Information available here.
Stephanie Lampkin, founder and CEO of Blendoor, and Nitin Rai, managing parner of Elevate Capital, will discuss the $4 trillion funding gap and expanding opportunities for black and brown entrepreneurs.

Innovation And Entrepreneurship In Developing Economies
Date: Dec. 8
Location: Virtual
MIT Enterprise Forum sponsors this panel, which includes Dina Sherif, MIT Legatum Center director, Cooper Union Dean of Engineering Ret. Gen. Barry Shoop, Elizabeth MacBride and U.S. Ambassador to Bosnis and Herzegovina Eric Nelson.
Register here.

LinkUp Conference Show
Date: Dec. 8, 2020
Location: Virtual
Information available here.

This digital networking conference is focused on providing opportunities for leaders in fintech and telecom. Speakers include venture capitalist Tim Draper and Dr. Roshwanna Ellis, founder and CEO of EnrichHER.

She Leads 2020 Online Conference For Women Leaders & Women Entrepreneurs
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Unlocking Resources: Expanding Access to Capital
Dates: Dec. 8, 12:30 to 1:30 pm
Information available here.
This event, open to all members of the MIT community is part of a series focused on accelerating inclusion in the innovation economy. Speakers include Professors Malia C. Lazu, Fiona E. Murray and Ray Reagans.

[Re]Verse Pitch Competition
Deadline: December 9, 2020
Location: Austin, Texas
Information available here.

This program, which aims to reduce waste in Austin, Texas, invites businesses with waste byproducts and surplus materials to supply materials to competing innovators and entrepreneurs, who will use the excess materials to create a new product or business venture.

MIT Enterprise Forum Arab Startup Competition
Deadline for applications: December 15, 2020
Location: Virtual
Information available here

This annual competition, founded in 2006, is designed to empower entrepreneurs and foster the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the Arab Region. The winners receive equity-free prize money.

Baylor New Venture Competition
Date: March 25-27, 2021; Applications open September 1, 2020
Location: Baylor University; Waco, Texas
Information available here.

Baylor New Venture Competition offers applicants business plan feedback, mentorship, and a chance to compete for more than $250,000 in prizes. Collegiate entrepreneurs from around the globe are eligible to participate in the competition, hosted by Baylor University. 


MassCEC’s InnovateMass Program
Deadline: Rolling
Information available here.

This program offers up to $250,000 in grant funding and technical support to applicant teams deploying new clean energy technologies or innovative combinations of existing technologies with a strong potential for commercialization. Applicants must run Massachusetts-based companies or have a location in the state and have a technology that fits specific guidelines.

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