I was inspired a few weeks ago to meet the Williams family of Helena, Arkansas, who have returned to their home town to start a business, the Delta Dirt Distillery. They’re making sweet potato vodka, and hope by getting in on the ground floor of a food trend, they can build a successful nationwide business.

I found the story particularly evocative because Harvey Williams recognized the courage of his great-grandfather, who managed to buy the farm where he was a sharecropper. That doesn’t sound like a big deal today. But if you understand his actions in the context of the history of Helena, which is only about 15 miles away from the large swathe of land where the Elaine Sharecroppers Massacre happened in 1919, you understand why Harvey honors his great-grandfather’s memory.

Because of his courage, the family owned a farm – that’s the kind of asset required to build intergenerational wealth that in turn enables entrepreneurship.The Williams’ other motivation is to be a catalyst for economic development in Helena, which has been losing population and has an extraordinarily high poverty rate, just under 50% as of the latest Census figures. A large portion of the future lies in the hands of entrepreneurs like the Williams family.

To recover from the pandemic and to rebuild, the incoming Biden Administration should focus on policies that help entrepreneurs working in hard-hit communities. That’s the case that venture capitalist Seth Levine and I make in our upcoming book, The New Builders. We’re going to be speaking about it at an event at MIT next week. 

— Elizabeth MacBride, founder, Times of Entrepreneurship  Here’s my story this week about the Delta Dirt Distillery
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