A note from our editor, Elizabeth MacBride:

I’m a military brat, the daughter of a career Air Force officer. Our family moved 11 times before I was 17. Some of the most wonderful memories of my childhood are of those nights before a move, when my room was packed and the boxes stacked three or four high, and I Iay in my canopy bed, wondering what my next bedroom would look like.

Change is one of the loves of my life.

But last month, I found myself feeling burned out in a way I never have before. The profound changes required of us by the pandemic, my daughter’s graduation, the busy-ness of writing and marketing a book – all of them added up, in an environment that is still pandemic-strange. I felt like I was swimming in gel.

Then, a lucky strike: I went to talk to the Kansas City Chamber of Commerce about The New Builders. The day I arrived, I went on a long walk, 7 miles by my iPhone’s count, and one of the places I stopped was a map company, founded in 1875. Naturally, I went in, and discovered a business story of resilience. The owner, Patrick Carroll, told me how he saved the historic family map business when the early 2000s rolled around, and new apps made paper maps obsolete for navigation.

Technology was killing the company; but then, he saw how it could save it. The powerful scanning and printing equipment that was invented around the same time allowed him to digitize and re-print Gallup’s archives of historic maps on canvas.

“The timing was exactly right,” he said.

I thumbed through the maps idly, and found one that was the perfect belated Father’s Day gift for my dad: An early 20th century map of airplane routes, orange lines criss-crossing from New York to Chicago to LA. 

If you’re a traveler, all roads lead to home.

Happy Fourth of July everybody!

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Selected entrepreneurs will receive $100,000 from Google’s new $5 million fund. Plus: Engine No. 1, a small hedge fund, launches an exchange traded fund that will track the sustainability performance of the 500 largest companies in the U.S. And a new program will provide scholarships for business students at University of Alabama at Birmingham.

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Living the Dream

Best practices: Community bank Midwest Bank Centre has committed $200 million to economic development projects for the next five years. Now Chief Executive Orv Kimbrough is challenging St. Louis to transform the region’s economy as the pandemic wanes. Meanwhile, the tech startup GeniHub plans to reward small farmers for sustainable practices.

Buzzworthy: Supplement your beach reading with another guilty pleasure: The Million Doge Disco, an augmented reality game that lets players go after “interactive, non-fungible tokens” and Dogecoin. It launches July 3.

Giveaway: The first reader to respond to this email will win a free, signed copy of the updated paperback edition of The Million-Dollar, One-Person Business by Elaine Pofeldt. Make great money, work the way you like, have the life you want.


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Motivate yourself to do those guilt-inducing home improvement projects. Treat yourself to a pair of Channellock’s Made in the U.S.A. SpeedGrip pliers. They start at $21.95. The company, based in Meadsville, Pa., has been in business 135 years.

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