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Cybersecurity for Small Businesses Booms, but Data are Scant

Venture backed firms are springing up to sell their services to small businesses after two big hacks that involved smaller companies. And cyber insurance premiums are increasing, perhaps by more than 150% this year. But data about actual attacks are scant. Rates are expected to rise by more than 150%.

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Cybersecurity Best Practices for Small Business

The National Institute of Standards and Technology has compiled an objective list in an environment where small businesses should be careful not to be oversold on what they need.

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What You May Have Missed

Commentary: The Pandemic Slammed Women Entrepreneurs. Hardly Anyone Noticed.

Dr. Carrie Santos, head of the global Entrepreneurs Organization, writes for Times of E about how to support women after the pandemic.

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Why Today’s Small Businesses Can’t Get Bank Loans

The number of U.S. institutions has shrunk from 14,400 to fewer than 5,000.

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More Americans Embrace Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is emerging as a bi-partisan issue in a contentious political climate.
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News With A Future Spin

Blocking Chinese Chips. Farhood Manjoo, in an opinion piece for the New York times, predicts new regulations from the Biden Administration will keep China from building an independent chip manufacturing industry. The new regs prohibit China from buying the best American chips and the machines to build them and from hiring Americans to work on them. Read the piece here.

Top 10 Universities for Tech Transfer: Heartland Forward released research on the universities that are most nourishing of real ventures:

1. University of California System
2. State University System of Florida
3. University of Texas System
4. University System of Ohio
5. University of North Carolina System
6. University of Illinois System
7. Arizona Board of Regents
8. University of Massachusetts System
9. University of Georgia System
10. University of Colorado System

Report is here.

Make-up Free. A Miss England finalist defies artificial standards of beauty. More here. Here’s a beauty executive, Shelley Hon, commenting on this a few months ago: Here’s How To Set Women Free.

Living the dream

Buzzworthy: Look Grief in The Eye
A nonprofit entrepreneur who has opened a farm in Arizona that allows people experiencing losses like the death of children, to grieve alongside animals. Read more here.

Best Practices: For Security, Shift To The Cloud

Cybersecurity executives now suggest using cloud-based email and business software, and storing information in the cloud. Network connections are inherently risky, but more security resources are now devoted to the cloud as business models have shifted in that direction.


A Time-Saving Hack
Follow the two-minute rule If you can do a task in under two minutes, like sending an email, do it now.

One Fun Place To Go: The 5th Avenue Market is the home of one of Pittsburgh’s best corned beef sandwiches, which is a tall order in a city still deeply in touch with its Northern European immigrant traditions. Here’s its Facebook page.

Made in America: Mend on the Move, in Detroit, employs women survivors of abuse. Among its products: leather jewelry made from material donated by Ford. Buy them here.

Upcoming Opportunities ⭐

To list an opportunity in our newsletter that reaches 13,000 influencers and entrepreneurs, email emacbride@timesofe.com. We charge $200 per listing.

Link: https://bit.ly/TimesofEOpportunities

1. Amazon Web Services course

Educational sessions for technical founders. Here’s one coming up: Best practices to take your startup from zero to one in the cloud.

Location: Virtual
Date: Oct. 24-25


2. Imagination Machine Mentorships

Founders in Europe are eligible for Imagination Machine’s support, which includes up to 500,000 Euros and remote mentoring. The organization is focused on creating do-good entrepreneurs.

Deadline: Nov. 22
Link: https://bit.ly/VVGROW23

3. A Course To Reach the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs

In this free course developed by entrepreneurship professor John Lynn, professors and other entrepreneurship educators get a curriculum and supporting materials based on the influential book, The New Builders.

Date: N/A
Location: N/A
Link: https://bit.ly/3dE6rZh


4. Nestle Youth Accelerator

Nestle launched its platform for youth entrepreneurs, including an R&D accelerator. An open challenge for science-based startups is currently accepting applicants and will be for the news four months or so. The platform is here. Info about the acclerator at the link below.

Deadline to apply: December
Link: https://rdaccelerator.nestle.com/


5. Pipeline Fellowship

Applications are open for the Midwest’s prestigious Pipeline Fellowship, a year-long program that often leads to funding for entrepreneurs (and focuses on under-served founders).

Deadline to apply: Nov. 16
Location: Kansas City
Link: https://apply.pipelineentrepreneurs.com/



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