woman leaning against a brick wall in a white jacket
woman leaning against a brick wall in a white jacket

This week, we have a story that looks at what it’s like to be a small business owner as omicron sweeps over the United States. Two weeks ago, as we started to see the headlines from Europe, I went on a trip to New York and hosted my family here for a pre-holiday weekend. If there’s anything I’ve learned from the pandemic, it’s to seize the day – sometimes, seizing an opportunity at work, sometimes seizing the moment enjoy life, sometimes recognizing the need to pause and reflect. We’re taking next week off from the newsletter, though we’ll still be posting stories, and will be back again Jan. 5, and working on our first event.

You’ll get a sense of the community that we’re creating here at Times of E as you look at our most read stories of the year. It can feel like the big economy and the pursuit of money controls everything. But the real power always lies with individuals, especially people of conscience. There are more of you than you realize, influencing from within and without organizations.

I hope you’re gathering with many good people this holiday season.

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