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As A Historic Eviction Crisis Looms, New Tech Companies Offer A Way For Landlords And Renters To Negotiate

Falling behind on rent is an age-old problem that’s been exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic. Some entrepreneurs are taking things into their own hands, as evidenced by the growing number of platforms designed to give renters more flexibly throughout the month and thus avoid delinquencies and, what’s worse, evictions. Platforms such as those provided by […]

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A Missouri Biotech Can Test For Coronavirus In The Air. Why Isn’t The Technology Being Deployed In The US?

A small Drexel, Missouri-based company is selling devices to detect coronavirus in the air to public health agencies in China, Korea and the European Union. But CEO Dave Alburty says the U.S. government, which helped fund and owns some of the equipment, doesn’t seem to remember that it exists. “We’re a little company, and what’s […]

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Founder Story: SuperMama, The Arabic Language Parenting Portal, Exits

If you are a founder with a recent exit or successful fundraise, and you’d like to publish lessons learned on Times of Entrepreneurship, reach out to SuperMama, the biggest Arabic language parenting portal has made its exit! I won’t take credit for that, it was my co-founder Zeinab Samir who made it happen over the course of 2019. I […]