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Report: What The Heartland Must Do To Improve Its Entrepreneurship Ecosystems

The heartland is home to some well-rounded startup and entrepreneurship spaces — take Austin, Texas, or Chicago. But the region’s ecosystems are still lagging behind the coasts, a new report from Bentonville, Arkansas-based think tank Heartland Forward reiterates. On its Entrepreneurial Capacity Index, which looks at the percent of private sector employees with bachelor’s degrees […]

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The HUB: Emerging Immigrant Centers; Barcode Bias; And A New Report Finds Corporate ‘Sustainability’ Mostly BS

Welcome to The Hub, your spot for ecosystem and accelerator news. In this news roundup, we provide you with the latest on organizations working to support, educate and fund innovators and their ideas. We’ll highlight cohort applications, people to know in the incubator world and programs working to give resources to those who typically don’t […]

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10 Ideas For Building A Jobs-Friendly Community

Heartland Forward, a new think tank focused on 20 states in the middle of the United States, released an important report on the connection between entrepreneurship and job growth in early May. Communities with strong entrepreneurial ecosystems saw job growth that was 15-34% faster in the period 2010-2017. The report’s authors, Jonas Crews, Ross DeVol, […]

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Rebuilding America Requires Jobs. Here’s One Formula For Making That Happen.

Employment grew 15-34% faster after the last recession in cities that had strong entrepreneurial ecosystems, according to a new report by think tank Heartland Forward that also offers a path out of the COVID-19 recession for communities ready to look to the future: Support your young businesses, because that’s where the job growth comes from. […]