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Brands Gone Berserk: Early Days of Threads Was a Small Brand Bonanza, But Traffic Faded 

The first days of Threads, Meta’s new text-based social media platform designed to rival Twitter, were described as “unhinged,” “chaotic,” and “off the rails,” by some users. Specifically, those who own small businesses, namely independently-owned consumer brands.  The quick and effortless sign-up process through an Instagram account, also owned by Meta, is a low barrier for entry, […]

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Vermont Farmer Creates A New Drink Category With Roots In The Past

The number of gently sweetened, flavored carbonated drinks has exploded over the past several years, from Spindrift to Olipop, but Shrubbly is the only “sparkling shrub drink.” Shrubs, not to be confused with bushes that grow in the ground, are concentrated fruit syrups, sometimes called drinking vinegars. Typically made with apple cider vinegar and a […]