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In Tanzania, a Two-Year Program for Young Women is Showing Results. It Starts Early, Lasts Long and Thrives on Connections with Mentors

At just 24 years old, Ruth Shayo is what some might call an experienced entrepreneur.  She has already had one failed business (selling porridget. Now, she’s building a second one, a cake shop, that is growing.  The difference? In between, Shayo took part in a accelerator called Kisa operating in 25 schools in Tanzania. In […]

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Entrepreneurs Outside of North America and Europe Saw More Opportunity Last Year

In the face of the pandemic, it was not the most developed economies where people felt the most confident to start a business. Instead, entrepreneurs from regions such as Latin America, the Middle East and Africa were more likely to see opportunity last year, according to Global Entrepreneurship Monitor’s 2020/2021 report, released Wednesday. The pandemic […]

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Mental Health App Cress Health Finds Partners In Kenya, Beirut, U.S. and Liberia To Make A Fast Impact

For our Startup Spotlights, Times of Entrepreneurship scouted the most successful startups that spun out of top university competitions and programs. The impact of such awards can be many years in the making, especially in the DeepTech space. Cress Health  Mental Health for All Providence, Rhode Island Interviewee: Justin Kim, co-founder Which university challenge did […]

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Opinion: ‘A Crisis Is A Terrible Thing To Waste’

As the world stands on a knife edge, looking toward a second major wave of COVID-19, one imperative is keeping entrepreneurs in business, and helping new ones start. Our recent report, Diagnosing COVID-19 Impact on Entrepreneurship, offers three broad lessons and nine pillars for how governments can sustain entrepreneurs — and therefore, economies — in […]

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Local Alike Beat Airbnb To Market In Thailand. But Could It Survive The Pandemic Lockdown?

In March, Pai Somsak Booknam watched in horror as the revenue for his eco-tourism travel company Local Alike dropped to zero.  For 10 years, the company introduced thousands of travelers from across the world to Thailand’s rural communities. Offering bike rides through rice fields and sleepovers with elephants, the company paid local residents to give […]

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Op-Ed: Who Will Help The Oxen?

Many thousands of people in think tanks, finance circles and academia, line up to help “gazelles,” those fast-growing firms that, it’s said, produce most of the job growth. The question is, who steps up to help the oxen, the non-sexy small businesses, from Main Street to suburban office parks, that are responsible for nearly half […]

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Akron, The Rubber Capital, Is A Surprising Tech Innovator

Since 2018, downtown Akron, Ohio has been filled with construction machinery and Road Closed signs. The city’s Main Street Construction Project promises new pavement, sidewalk and a cycle track. But between construction and the COVID-19 pandemic, in-person business at Totally Tangled Creations has almost come to a standstill, says April Couch, the owner of the […]