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‘We’re On A Rocket Ship:’ Fiveable, Reaching 100,000 Students A Week, Lands $2.3M. One Investor Is Chelsea Clinton.

An advertisement served up by Google changed Amanda DoAmaral’s life. At the age of 27, feeling burned out, she’d left a teaching career in Oakland, Calif., and moved back home. But she was helping students – about 2,500 of them, by that point, study for the AP History and AP World exams. The Advanced Placement […]

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Miami Emerges As A Hub For Latin American Startups

In May, Miami hosted a startup conference that featured the Miami-born superstar Pitbull, venture investor Steve Case, former AOL CEO, and Imogen Heap, a classically trained English singer-songwriter with a blockchain venture. More than 16,000 people from 40 countries came, business executives, investors and entrepreneurs. It was the latest attempt — and a successful one, […]