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A STEM Woman Needs a Stylish Steel Toe

Female engineers working in manufacturing or construction go back and forth between office meetings and hazardous sites where protective boots are mandatory. These steel toe boots are often ill-fitting and clunky, and most women hate them. This was Anastasia Kraft’s experience. After years of complaining and commiserating as an engineer herself, Kraft founded Xena Workwear […]

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From California Car Salesman to Five Time James Beard Nominee in Asheville, N.C.

Walk into Chai Pani in downtown Asheville, North Carolina: The smells of butter chicken thali, okra fries, vegetable uttapam, among other meals served on big, silvery platters fill the air. The vibrant, contemporary space is decorated with graphic murals, street art and photos rooted in India, where chef and co-owner Meherwan Irani grew up. Chai […]

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Reinventing the Business Model for Food Production, This Farm Offers An Organic Diet for a Single, Low Price that’s Cheaper than McDonald’s

Roll into Essex Farm, located a mile west of Lake Champlain in the Adirondacks, and the usual sights, sounds and smells of a working farm emerge. Weathered wood barns, rolls of hay, workers in rubber boots escorting cows to pasture, rows upon rows of green leafy tufts, rusty farm equipment graveyards and a massive pile […]

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The Yes People: Her Friends Said No. But that Didn’t Hinder this Entrepreneur’s Bissap Dream

The Yes People is a new bimonthly series profiling founders who said “Yes,” when others said “No.” These founders now run successful businesses, The Yes People examines how they knew to persevere and negate negativity. Bottles of Berry Bissap, a deep magenta hibiscus drink with roots in West Africa, now sell at some Whole Foods […]

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The Secret To Miss Mona’s Growing Ice Cream Brand: The Way She Boosts Other Entrepreneurs

Some people look forward to summertime’s Community Supported Agriculture boxes of kale, cukes and beets. A growing number of Brooklynites are on the watch for something different: Community Supported Treats. That’s what entrepreneur Mona Lipson is calling her new small batch ice cream venture Miss Mona Makes Ice Cream, which delivers three pints of artisanal […]

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Music’s Rich Future: The Pandemic Broadened Audiences Coast-To-Coast, From Liz Phair To Omaha Opera

Could an Austin, Texas drive-in movie theater be screening an animated version of Philip Glass’s opera The Fall of The House of Usher? Or two professional musicians on opposite sides of the country meet, collaborate and help each others’ tour be a success? Could you easily watch every one of Liz Phair’s performances on her […]