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Weekly Newsletter: Watch for AI Disinformation, A Hot Real Estate Market & A Heartwarming Rise From Poverty

Times of Entrepreneurship Stories Diversity Isn’t Just About Race. It’s Also About Class. It’s now easier to climb the economic ladder in Europe than in the United States. Here’s the story of one person, Sam Reiman, who went from poverty to wealth, in Pennsylvania. He’s now director of one of the world’s 50 largest foundations. […]

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Weekly Newsletter: Next Trillion-Dollar Pandemic, Job Hunting Warriors, Shrub Drinks

Times of Entrepreneurship Stories Vermont Farmer Creates A New Drink Category With Roots In The Past Shrubbly founder Matt Sayre created the first sparkling shrub drink, ready to drink out of the can, no mixing necessary. It’s delicious, and it has another selling point. The key ingredient in Shrubbly are aronia berries, which might be […]

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Editor’s Note: The Likelihood of Another Pandemic

The pandemic cost the United States an estimated $16 trillion, and the World Health Organization estimated in May that about 15 million people have died worldwide. The numbers are stunning, aren’t they? Meanwhile, “another pandemic probably will happen in the next 50 years,” Michael Kremer, the University Professor in the Kenneth C. Griffin Department of […]

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Weekly Newsletter: $500K For Black Founders; Twitter’s Dying Chirps? Reid Hoffman’s Tips for Panelists

Times of Entrepreneurship Stories A New $500K Accelerator For Black Founders Opens In Brooklyn BK-XL will select 12 startups founded by BIPOC leaders to receive as much as $500k in investment. The accelerator is part of a philanthropic commitment by Clara Wu Tsai, whose husband, Joseph Tsai, co-founded Alibaba. Read the Story » The Passion […]

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Editor’s Note: Meta and the Wolves, $500K For Black Founders, Jimmy Page’s Guitars

Memories of George Floyd’s murder are fading, and so some of the promises made in the aftermath are evaporating. But some organizations remain committed: I wrote about Advantage Capital’s new fund, and a new accelerator in Brooklyn, BK-XL. It’s more important than most people realize to give all entrepreneurs a fair shot — because business […]

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Weekly Newsletter: Winning Pitches, Pittsburgh’s New Coke, Chinese Nuclear Hackers

Times of Entrepreneurship Stories Will Cells and Robots Be Pittsburgh’s New Coke And Steel? There are signs that Pittsburgh (like other old manufacturing cities) could emerge as a center of new, cutting-edge manufacturing, which includes robotics and biotechnology. Until lately, this has seemed more of a pipe-dream than a reality, but developments at the national […]