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Commentary: Social Entrepreneurship Leads the Charge to Reinvent Capitalism

Does capitalism need a reboot? That question seems to be on the minds of many leading corporate leaders, economists, and social thinkers. There’s no doubt that capitalism has played an important role in lifting people out of poverty, extending life expectancy, boosting industrial productivity, and improving the quality of life for hundreds of millions of […]

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Op-Ed: The Real Reason Women Entrepreneurs Struggle to Raise Funding

Something interesting happened at last October’s 2020 Women in Global Development Leadership Forum, dedicated to empowering women leaders on the global stage. Before a panel discussion on “The Many Ways to Invest in Women Entrepreneurs,” a Zoom chat poll asked participants, What is your biggest challenge? Overwhelmingly, the answer was ‘funding’—raising enough of it or […]

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Op-Ed: Four Ways Social Entrepreneurship Can Advance Women’s Economic Empowerment

Who benefits from women’s economic empowerment? Everyone, it turns out. Expanding work and education opportunities for women and girls spurs economic progress, expands markets, and improves health, well-being, and financial outcomes for women as well as their families, communities, and entire countries. Worldwide, women represent the largest emerging market. For example: If women reached parity […]