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Dimpora’s team, l to r: CEO Mario Stucki, Camila Schmalz, Anna Beltzung, Emma Karttunen , Nina Spörri, Minnie Tsz Yan Leung, Nils Repond, Laura Gonzalez, Lucile Menand
Dimpora’s team, l to r: CEO Mario Stucki, Camila Schmalz, Anna Beltzung, Emma Karttunen , Nina Spörri, Minnie Tsz Yan Leung, Nils Repond, Laura Gonzalez, Lucile Menand

Which university challenge did you win and when? Or how are you affiliated to a university?

We are a ETH  spinoff. The solution developed by dimpora comes from our CEO and Co-founder, Mario Stucki, who wrote his master and doctoral thesis on the topic during his studies in that institution. 

What is your elevator pitch? Has it changed much since you started? 

The outdoor clothing industry is struggling to replace harmful chemicals in their products. dimpora offers high performing waterproof and breathable membranes based on sustainable materials. We empower outdoor enthusiasts to finally enjoy the nature they love so dearly without leaving a trace.

Our patented pore forming technology allows us to create porous membranes with highest functionality in waterproofing a breathability using circular materials for the outdoor industry.

Its content hasn’t really changed since dimpora’s incorporation in January 2019. The problem that dimpora was created to solve is still up-to-date and very much relevant.

What should we know about you?

Many people are confused about dimpora’s role in the supply chain. A popular misconception is that we produce sustainable jackets. We do not produce jackets, or any other end-product ourselves. We provide the material inside it. Dimpora is a B2B company. We develop and produce membranes, a key component of gear that needs certain properties, like waterproofing and breathability. 

What are you looking for?

We want to raise awareness on the issues caused by the use of harmful chemicals in the production of membranes and ensure that a viable alternative is available on the market. That is our vision. To put science at the service of nature and performance. To make use of the latest knowledge available to ensure that those appreciating nature have the possibility to act accordingly. 

Why should someone invest in you?

There is a pressing need to shift our consumption towards more sustainable products. The membranes produced and sold by dimpora meet the highest demands for waterproofness, breathability and sustainability. Furthermore, they are free of harmful chemicals and can be fully recyclable. In the future, volume production will be possible at a lower cost than for currently available membranes with comparable properties. Thus, dimpora’s solution is twofold. It is oriented towards a greener future while offering significant competitive advantages. 

How much total funding have you raised so far?

We have just closed our very first seed round (May 2021) in which we raised 2.1M francs.

How many employees work for your startup? 

We are currently a team of 10 people, including our two executives.

Is there a clear evidence of success you would like to share? 

Dimpora is growing. We just moved into our own location, are hiring, have just closed our first seed round, and are wisely advised by our newly formed board of directors. Last but not least, Mario was recently awarded with the W.A. de Vigier award 2021. The choice was based on criteria like innovative character, chances of success on the market and market competitiveness.

Worst and best advice received so far? 

Worst: “Try to do as much as possible in house and yourself.” – Collaborations are needed for everything. Embrace them smartly. 

Best: “It is not a sprint but a marathon!” – Take this one seriously also if it does not feel like it makes sense.

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